The Benefits (As Proven by Scientists) of Massage

When it comes to massage, most people know that it “feels good”. It’s often equated with being a way to wind down after a few stressful weeks at work, but many are unaware of the actual health benefits that come with having a massage and what these benefits can mean long-term and short-term.

One area that massage has proved helpful in is with exercise-induced injuries. For instance, when people exercise too often and too strenuously, their muscles often get micro-tears–sometimes known as shin splints. During the healing process, massage has shown to help boost new cell production and lower inflammation–which can destroy surrounding muscle tissue. Overall, in these cases, massage can help individuals get back to exercising and being healthy much sooner.

Regarding the idea that massage is a good way to wind down after being stressed, there is a lot of scientific data to support this conclusion. Many studies have found that massage increases blood flow and the rate of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These natural chemicals are often essential for balancing mood, relaxation, and happiness.

While massage certainly does make one “feel good”, there’s more to it than that–they can help reduce damage inflicted by exercise-induced injuries and facilitate this healing process, while also helping more people feel relaxed and calm.

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