Raynor Massage for body and mind

Raynor massage is a bodywork that is holistic in nature. Its primary aim is to ease individuals with residual tensions and heal those who suffer from the tightness of the body muscles. It is simply a deep body massage done routinely to achieve full relaxation and revitalization of body energy.

It owes its origin to Chinese medicine, yoga and reflexology among others. It was based on the Asian medical theories and myths which contended that the physical body of a person is composed of the emotions, life force and invisible energies that have a mutual relationship and affect each other. So, by relaxation, a body rejuvenates itself thereby ensuring a smooth coordination between these three components.

The main goal of Raynor massage is achieved through the sense of touch. It is believed that through touch and insight, Raynor massage can effectively diagnose and treat clients with residual body tensions. This unique body massage was developed in 2002 by Brandon Raynor who is known to have triple nationality of Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

He started his career as a teacher of various styles of massage based on aElchi release’ or body relaxation before starting his own and now Raynor Naturopathic massage company. Unlike other styles of body massage, Raynor is particularly deep and carried out using advanced tools with an aim of stress release and treatment of tension in the tendons and ligaments.

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